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EN-C comparison UPDATE (Delta 3 ML, TaskaS, Trango X-race SM.. )

EN-C comparison (Update) 

Easiest to manage in the category. 1 being most friendly user. (Most comfortable to fly for the average "C" pilot): After many flights, some changes occurred…Constant feedback… 

1- Alpina 2 = Advance Sigma 9 = Mac Elan =Nexus = Volt 2 SM = Carrera plus M 

2- ADVANCE Sigma 8 25 = Artik 4 25 = Ozone Delta 3 ML 

3- GRADIENT Aspen 4 26 = Triple seven Queen = Cure M = Supair Taska 

4- NIVIUK Artic 3 = AD Volt SM =BGD Tala M = Ozone Delta 2 = Cayenne 4 = SOL Lotus one M 

5- GRADIENT Aspen 5 26 =U-Turn Passion SM = Carrera = Sky Argos = Skywalk Spice XS 

6- MacPara Marvel 25 = UP Trango XC 2 = Cayenne 5 XS =UP Trango X-race 

7-NOVA Triton 2 S 

8-Trango XC 3 SM 

Handling in rough air: (The one that you can turn even in rough air) loaded at +80 % of their weight range and plus! 

1- Gradient Aspen 4 = Volt 2 SM = Alpina 2 = Sigma 9 = Artik 4 25 = Cayenne 5 XS = Ozone Delta 3 ML 

2- Nova Factor 2 = Cure M = Artic 3 = Cayenne 4 S = Ozone Delta 2 = Triple seven Queen = Carrera= Nexus = Elan= Triton 2 S = Carrera plus M at 105! =UP Trango X-race SM =Skywalk Spice XS 

3- U-Turn Passion SM= BGD Tala M = Argos = Aspen 5 26 = SOL Lotus one M = Supair Taska 

4- OZONE Alpina 1 M = UP Trango XC 2 S/M = = Trango XC 3 SM 

5- UP Summit XC2 M = Marvel 25 = Delta M =AD Volt SM 

6- Artic 3 Race 

Performance in calm air at trim speed (no activity): 

1-UP Trango X-race SM 

2-Triton 2 S = Cayenne 5 XS = Trango XC 3 = Ozone Delta 3 ML = Skywalk Spice XS 

3-Triple seven Queen M = Cure M = Nexus =Supair Taska S 

4- NIVIUK Artic 3 Race = Volt 2 SM = Cayenne 4 S= BGD Tala = Alpina 2 = Carrera= Aspen 5 26 = SOL Lotus one M= Artik 4 25 = Carrera plus M 

5- NIVIUK Artic 3 = U-Turn Passion S/M =UP Trango XC 2 S/M = Ozone Delta 2 = Elan = Argos 

6- Nova factor 2 S = Marvel 25 = Aspen 4 26= Sigma 9 

7- Advance Sigma 8 25 & Ozone Alpina M & Ozone Delta M = AD Volt SM 

8- U-Cross S 

9- UP Summit XC2 

Performance at "trim speed" in head wind glides and ‘Average’ turbulent conditions: 

1- UP Trango X-race SM 

1-Triton 2 S = SOL Lotus one = Cayenne 5 XS =Trango XC 3 = Ozone Delta 3 ML = Skywalk Spice XS 

2-Triple seven Queen M = Cure M = Nexus =Supair Taska S 

3- Alpina 2 = Aspen 5 = Artik 4 25 = Carrera Plus M 

5- Carrera = Volt 2 SM 

6- NIVIUK Artic 3 Race = U-Turn Passion SM = UP Trango XC 2 = Ozone Delta 2 = Elan = Argos 

7- Skywalk Cayenne 4 = NIVIUK Artic 3 =AD Volt SM = BGD Tala= Sigma 9 

Performance at " bar " in headwind glides and sudden lifts : 

1- Ozone Delta 3 ML = UP trango X-race SM 

1- Triton 2 S = Triple Seven Queen M =Trango XC 3 SM= Cayenne 5 XS =Skywalk Spice XS 

2- Alpina 2= Aspen 5 = SOL Lotus one M = Cure M = Carrera plus M 

4- Carrera = Elan = UP Trango XC 2 S/M = Ozone Delta 2 = Volt 2 SM = Nexus Supair Taska S 

5- NIVIUK Artic 3 Race = U-Turn Passion SM = BGD Tala= Sigma 9 =Argos = Artik 4 25 

6- NIVIUK Artic 3 = Aspen 4 =Cayenne 4 S= AD Volt SM 

7- Nova factor 2 S 

Climb rate in weak but “difficult” conditions < 0.5 m/s (not homogeneous thermals ,low in the inversion) : All loaded at +80 % of their weight range. 

1- SOL Lotus one M = Cayenne 5 XS = Volt 2 SM = Carrera plus M. 

2- U-Turn Passion S/M = Ozone Delta 2 ML= Elan = Cure M 

3- UP Trango XC 2 S/M= Delta 2 SM = Alpina 2 = Carrera M 

4- NIVIUK Artic 3 = Marvel 25 = Aspen 4 = Skywalk Cayenne 4 S = BGD Tala= Carrera S= Argos = Triton 2 S = Sigma 9 = Artik 4 25 = Trango XC 3 SM 

5- Artic 3 Race = AD Volt SM = Ozone Delta 3 ML 

6- Triple seven Queen = Nexus 

Climb rate in punchy thermal conditions : 

1-UP Trango XC 3 SM = Cayenne 5 XS = Cure M = Ozone Delta 3 ML = UP Trango X-race SM = Skywalk Spice XS 

2-UP Trango XC 2 S/M = Ozone Delta 2 = Alpina 2 = Carrera M & S= Elan = Sol Lotus One =Volt 2 SM= Carrera plus M = Supair Taska S 

3-U-Turn Passion S/M = Cayenne 4 = Marvel 25 = Artic 3 Race = BGD Tala M= Argos = Triton 2 S 

4-Artic 3 normal = Aspen 4= AD Volt SM = Triple seven Queen M = Sigma 9 = Artik 4 25 = Nexus 

Brake description : 

-UP Trango X-race SM: Moderate , super linear, super precise, exquisite, agile in moderate conditions. Needs slightly more implication in rough air for turning ability. 

-Supair Taska S : Moderate, agile, linear, precise agile in moderate conditions. In turbulent air, it need application to turn. 

-Skywalk Spice XS: Moderate to light, linear, precise, good agility in moderate conditions. 

-Ozone Delta 3 ML: Moderate to hard, good agility in all conditions. 

-Nexus :Moderate to hard, moderate agility 

-UP Trango XC 3: Moderate pressure, linear, precise, agile is homogeneous conditions. 

-Cure M : Agile, direct, precise, linear. 

-Volt 2 SM : agile, precise, crispy and linear. 

- Cayenne 5 XS: Sharp and very direct, precise, agile even in turbulent conditions, short and efficient! 

- Artik 4 25 : Moderate brake travel, linear , precise, agile . 

- Sol Lotus, Short, moderate to hard, precise, linear. 

- Triton 2 S, short, direct, linear, precise, average pressure. 

- Aspen 5 26 , moderate brake travel, moderate to agile in turns, light. 

- Sigma 9 Direct. 

- Elan linear and direct, smooth. 

- Argos Linear light to moderate and direct 

- Triple seven Queen M (relatively short and linear, precise, medium pressure,like D2 SM ) 

- Alpina 2 SM (soft,linear,longer than Delta 2 SM ,agile moderate to light pressure) 

- Carrera S (shorter than Alpina SM,linear, precise, agile, moderate pressure) 

- Ozone Delta 2 SM, ML (linear, short ,precise ,agile with moderate pressure) 

- BGD Tala M (Long and linear, fairly precise in turbulent conditions, moderate to light pressure, forgiving) 

- Nova factor 2 S (very direct and precise) 

- NIVIUK Artic 3 (Linear, precise, agile) 

- Skywalk Cayenne 4 S (Moderate pressure, Agile linear, forgiving, smooth!!) 

- Gradient Aspen 4 26 (Agile,moderate,linear,forgiving,smooth) 

- U-Cross S Direct and agile if the conditions are smooth, and a bit less in turbulent ,the glider must settle first) 

- U-turn Passion SM ,light to moderate, linear ,agile. 

- UP Trango Xc2 S/M (medium pressure, precise, fairly agile, short) 

- Marvel 25 (precise, moderate pressure, needs a bit of work in turbulent conditions) 

- Ozone Alpina M (A bit longer than Factor 2 and a bit softer , more precise and shorter than the Delta M and much better turning behavior) 10- 

- AD Volt SM ( Needs a bit time to enter the turn in moving conditions) - Niviuk Artic 3 Race 

- Sigma 8 25 (very close in handling ,a bit long but still agile) 

- UP Summit XC2 M (Long average agility to good) 

- Ozone delta M (Soft, long and average precision) 


(Most efficient C glider in overall XC flying ) IMHO 

(1 being best) . 

The one i personally feel that will gave me the most efficient XC for overall use. (ratio of comfort efficiency) 

1- UP Trango X-race SM 

2-Cayenne 5 XS (By a small margin to the A 2) = Spice = Delta 3 ML 

3-Alpina 2 SM = Cure M 

4-Triton 2 S = Sol Lotus One = Trango XC 3 = Carrera plus 

5-Aspen 5 26 ( very efficient at second bar ! ) 

6- Ozone Delta 2 = Up Trango XC2 = U-turn Passion = Carrera M & S = Elan = Artik 4 25 = Volt 2 SM = Nexus . 

7- BGD Tala M = Niviuk Artic 3, A3 Race, Skywalk Cayenne 4, Mac Para Marvel, Ozone Alpina M, AD Volt SM, Triple seven Queen M , Argos, Sigma 9 (Easy and solid) 

Faster at second bar ( if equally loaded ) : 

1- Queen M =Ozone Delta 3 ML 

2- Passion=Cayenne 4= Artic 3 Race = Aspen 4= Argos , 

3- Cure M = Delta 2 = Sigma 8= Alpina 2= Sigma 9= Aspen 5 = Cayenne 5 XS =Trango XC 3 SM= Triton 2 S = Sol Lotus One = Artik 4 25 =UP Trango X-race SM = Skywalk Spice XS 

4-Volt 2 SM = Trango XC2 = BGD Tala = Carrera= Elan = Supair Taska S 

Big ears efficiency: 

- Up Trango XC 3 ( stable and ok for a 7:0 aspect ratio glider! ) 

- Cayenne 5 XS ( small -2m/s and stable, little big and un-stable on this size ) 

- Cure M (stable ears, efficient) 

-Ozone Delta 3 ML (easy, moderate efficiency, stable, doesn’t reopen by themselves) 

-Volt 2 SM (stable ears, efficient) 

-UP Trango X-race SM ( doable with A’s and outer B’s. Stable, moderate efficiency, reopen by themselves) 

- Aspen 4 26 (very efficient in big ears) = Nova Factor 2 =Cayenne 4 S = 

- Ozone Delta 2 = BGD Tala = Queen = Alpina 2 = Carrera (stable and efficient)= Sigma 9 =Elan =Argos = Sol Lotus One= Artik 4 25 

Artic 3 = Artic 3 Race = U-Turn Passion SM =Triton 2 S (stable moderate ears ) =UP Trango XC 2 S/M= AD Volt SM = Aspen 5 26 . 

- Marvel 25 (moderate use of big ears-moves a bit) 

The Triton 2 S requires much more energy from the pilot to control it in heavy conditions. 

The Lotus one has also some impressive performance, but to place it wherever you want in turbulent conditions requires also some finer inputs. 

The Aspen 5 is really some great glider at second bar! It resembles the Triton 2 S in full speed glide! …To extract the full performance it needs an active piloting for sure and the way to turn it quickly in turbulent cores needs a little time. 

The Cayenne 5 has the edge in surges into thermals, and the superb sharp and direct brake travel! 

In weak conditions, it requires a bit more to handle than the Alpina 2 but it’s a very efficient C glider. If only the ears were a bit more efficient and stable … 

The Trango XC 3 is demanding to fly regarding the surrounding C’s. Of course it’s very efficient in cutting and climbing. The glide is good also but it needs the most energy to handle in this specific category! 

The BGD Cure surprises by the ratio comfort/aspect ratio. The overall package of performance, accessibility and pleasurable feel is very nice. 

The AD Volt 2 SM is a very comfortable glider to fly with a very nice brake authority. The Climb rate is ‘great ! 

UPDATE for usability: 

Please remember that sizes differ a lot and surely the loading's! Other sizes may have other characteristics … 

The first 4 places are very close. Indeed superb machines! Different taste for everyone … 

The most important: Only the pilot will make a difference. 

C & D gliders: UPDATED. 

This grade is to say how busy a glider is, in strong conditions, or the one that’s more difficult to manage, comparing to the B category. 

Since this is a very delicate comparison, i must point out that the glider that has quicker authority on the brakes like the Triton 2 will enable a good pilot to keep it swiftly overhead. Some doesn’t have that quick response and in strong conditions they won’t keep the pilot as busy, but he will be the ‘passenger’ for a short lapse of time … 

The grade doesn’t indicate the one that recovers easier or harder!!Only that keeps you busier! Most will have easier recovery than the higher graded! 

Mac Elan M (@98all up) *7 
AD Volt 2 SM @ 90 all up *7 
Swing Nexus (@94 all up) *7.0 
Up Summit XC 3 S (@94 all up) *7.5 
Mac Elan light 24 (@90 all up) *7.5 
Advance Sigma 9 25 (@91 all up) *7.5 
Niviuk Artik 4 25 (@91 all up) *8.5 
Ozone Delta 3 ML ( @ 102 all up) *8.5 
Ozone Alpina 2 SM (@92 all up) * 8.5 
Delta 2 SM size (@ 92 all up) *9 
777 Queen M (@ 101 all up) *9 
BGD Cure (@ 93 all up) *9.3 
Aspen 5 26 (@98all up) *10 
Supair Taska S (@94 all up) *10 
Skyman CrossAlps S (@90 all up) *10.5 
Skywalk Spice XS (@90 all up) *10.8 
Skywalk Cayenne 5 XS (90 all up) *11 
Sol Lotus one (@ 98 all up) *11 
UP Trango Race SM (07 all up) *11.5 
Ozone Mantra 6 SM (@94 all up) *12 
Ozone LM6 SM (@95 all up) *12.2 
Gin Gto 2 S size (@94 all up) *12.5 
Skywalk Poison X-Alps *12.5 
Up Trango XC3 SM *12.5
Triton 2 in S size (@ 96 all up) *12.5 (M size could be different) ! 
Niviuk Peak 4 23 (98all up) *12.5 
Niviuk Peak 4 21 (@86all up) *13 
Niviuk IP6 26 (@98 all up) *13.5 
Ozone Zeno MS (@98 all up) *13.5 
Ozone R-10 S (@ 98 all up) *15.0 




  1. Hi Ziad,
    thanks for the update and all your good work.
    Why did you never insert the NEXUS into the comparison?
    Happy landings

  2. Have u had a chance to try Artic-P, Triton2-li,ght and other light wings that are based on the regular models. If so, how do they compare to their heavier cousins?

    1. Hi,
      I didn't tried the Ak light or the t2 light.
      Other gliders were tested like the Delta2 and the Alpina 2 ...Rise 2 ..etc..lots of others...
      The difference between light and regular are quite different. ..the difference sometimes are feel able.

    2. Hi and thanks for the note. What's the main difference? E.g. Harder/easier to handle, keeps the pilot more/less busy? Etc
      I appreciate you compiling/reporting/discussing your testing.

  3. GRATO ZIAD pelas suas considerações. Estou trocando meu HOOK 3 por uma ELAN 26 com base nos seus comentários favoráveis. Tenho certeza que vou gostar da vela.


  4. Hi Ziad,

    how would you describe the differences between the Elan and the Volt 2, they seem to be a bit like twins regarding comfort and performance profile?


    1. Yes ,they are quite similar in both aspects...the Elan feels more homogeneous in strong conditions.

  5. Hi Ziad,

    Thank you for your info. Currently i'm flying the Factor 2 and i'm looking for a new wing. Just to get an idea to compair the usability, where in your list of usability would you place the Factor 2.

    Kind regards,


  6. Hi Ziad
    U grade the Volt2 SM at 7. Where do you put the Volt 2 superlight S (if you have flown it :))

  7. Hi Ziad
    U grade the Volt2 SM at 7. Where do you put the Volt 2 superlight S (if you have flown it :))

    1. Hi,
      I still didn't fly the light version..

  8. Thanks Ziad for all your work and especially, through your comparison data lists, which have helped me to decide on which wing to buy.
    The Cure,
    Victor M

  9. Hello Ziad, I am planning to change my Delta 2, the Cure is blinking eyes on me. Do you think is a good idea move to that wing?

    Thanks for all your inputs and info.

    Really appreciated.



    1. Hi Oscar,
      Please read the test report of the Cure and look on the video with the Alpina 2 for performance comparison.
      Try a demo also...if it's near.
      It would be slightly more demanding than a D2. Cheers Ziad

  10. Hey, Ziad! I am a very light pilot I weigh ~~ 50Kg and have to fly XXS and XS wings. If you have experience with them (like the Cayenne XS) how would you say they are in relation to "normal" wings. Considering the release of the EnZo 2 XS they must have gotten better, right? However, I always hear that they are worse. My question is more or less, how much worse and do they give a significant disadvantage to other sizes?

    1. Hi Job,
      The small sizes as you know are always more jumpy and alive. And I think till this moment they still are...The behavior of the xxs will always differ from the larger ones with also the performance loss... I do fly gliders at 85 all up and I didn't find any glider in any category still that behaves better or has better performance performance than the bigger sizes from the same concept.

    2. Thank you for your reply! I guess I'll have to deal with, it for now.

    3. Thank you for your reply! I guess I'll have to deal with, it for now.

  11. Hi Ziad,
    thanks a lot for your job. I've followed your webside/blog since nearly 4 years. Only based on your recommondations I've found the perfect wing for my ambitions (without any self testings) Very good and detailed comparissons. Keep on, going your independet way.
    Kind regards from a geman testing engineer

    1. Hi Helmut,
      Thank you for your nice comments.
      Im glad that you enjoy the blog.
      Happy and safe flights

  12. Hi Ziad
    thanks for the comparison... just a note:
    "Climb rate in weak but “difficult” conditions < 0.5 m/s"
    lacks the trango xrace if i'm not mistaken.

    Do you think that the D3 might improve significantly the weak climbs if less loaded? Or will it always lag behind the cayenne5 &co.?

    Any hint about the aspen 6? is it going to be a strong contender overall?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Luigi,
      Yes the Aspen 6 is coming hopefully next week with the sigma10. I was flying the D 3 ML at 100 less than that it wouldn't be good on overall conditions. And I couldn't feel that leading edge breathing through very weak thermals.But in weak and difficult conditions the D3 is efficient by cutting through.
      I'll update the X race in the C will surely take the first place in weak flowm at 70 % of its weight range.


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